Monday, February 16, 2009

12 of 12 - February 2009

7:23am - I wrote Valentine Countdown Poems for Amanda. I got started a little late, so she got to open a couple of them this morning.

9:41am - One of the many exciting jobs I do! I am hosing off the sidewalk where mud collected after our last heavy rain.

11:58am - I couldn't fix anything this time...had to call Konica Minolta to come replace their worn out part. (They diagnosed the problem, not me).

12:01pm - Stacking chairs in preparation for a reception on Friday night.

12:35pm - Break time! It was a nice day and Brooke was up for it, so we took a short break at lunch and went for a motorcycle ride.

12:48pm - Only in Texas! Just outside the city limits we saw these Texas Long Horns while on our motorcycle ride.

2:22pm - Another one of my everyday jobs...changing light bulbs.

5:42pm - Painting trim in the garage...still working on my home office.

6:03pm - One of our favorite evening activities...Daddy/Daughter wrestling!

6:04pm - Brooke wrestling with Boo while Punkin and I wrestled.

7:25pm - Sully was the first to get a haircut tonight.

9:25pm - Putting the finishing touches on Boo's haircut.

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Anonymous said...

Aunt JIll misses her Amanda Kay.....and of course her favorite sister and brother-in-law!!!!!!

Love yall!!!