Tuesday, January 13, 2009

12 of 12 - January 2009

7:18am - Gluing on a patch to Amanda's school uniform pants.

7:26am - I write a goofy poem/rhyme on Amanda's lunch napkin each morning. Here is today's offering.

7:57am - Amanda playing Nintendo before it's time to leave for school.

8:36am - I oversee the Jr. High character development curriculum program at Amanda's school. A group of three students does a short presentation during Monday morning assemblies. Here is today's group. I spent about 45 minutes with them one-on-one Friday, and today's presentation was a definite improvement.

11:55am - Ran by my Pastor's house to feed their dog Zoey at lunch time today.

3:50pm - Amanda being goofy with a mailing label on her nose. She put mailing labels and stamps on 80+ postcards to help out today.

5:19pm - Dinner with the Fam.

7:49pm - Started rolling the ceiling tonight working on my "Three Month Office Remodeling" project. Others call it painting...I call it a three month project!

8:35pm - The mess is getting to be more than I can handle as I paint my office. If I had room someplace else in the house I would move everything out until I finish painting. But there isn't space, so that's not an option.

8:27pm - Can you see the stripes? No, those are not shadows...those are areas I missed when I was painting the ceiling tonight! I'm going to have to get all that mess out again to finish. I found out bright lights pointed at the ceiling don't really help when using bright white paint.

9:29pm - Watching DVR'd 24. Two nights, two hours of 24 each night...why can't every week be like this?

11:54pm - I could not handle the mess in my office, so I had to make more room. I moved the brown book case into the living room until I am done with my painting. Wonder what Brooke is going to say when she wakes up in the morning and sees it?

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