Saturday, May 31, 2008

See, I'm Not The Only One

Here's a few quotes from a Yahoo Tech article. See, I'm not the only one who is an unhappy Sprint customer.

"Chatters are growing happier with their overall wireless service, according to a new survey, with Verizon Wireless taking top honors and Sprint slipping into last place among the four big carriers."

"Verizon Wireless scored a 72 in the survey, giving it top marks among the four big wireless carriers. AT&T and T-Mobile both tied at 71, with AT&T gaining the most ground thanks to its four-percent spike since 2007 (thanks, in part, to the iPhone, according to ACSI researchers)."

"Meanwhile, Sprint's ACSI rating fell to just 56, an 8 percent drop from last year. "

"Just for comparison's sake, the spiraling airline industry got an ACSI score of 62 (tumbling almost 14 percent from 1994), the U.S. Postal Service got a 74 (up from a score of 61 in 1994), FedEx scored an 85, and both McDonald's and Microsoft made do with a middling 69."

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