Saturday, January 28, 2006

That's the Way I Like It

Had a great night tonight. Well, it was not as perfect as it could have been because Brooke was out of town for a children's ministry conference, but we tried to make do while she was gone. Amanda and I invited George over for dinner tonight. We had grilled chicken, baked potatoes, green beans and lemon icebox pie (mmmm, mmmm, mmmm). We then spent a little time on the computer trying to figure out some of George's e-mail problems. After that, the three of us played pigs and chickens (a dice game) which George won.

George went home around 8:30pm, so since it was still "early in the evening", I called the guys who I play Friday night poker with (Texas Hold 'Em) and asked somebody to come pick us up. I played poker and Amanda played with a friend at the same house. The guys played three games for the night and I got in on the last two. I don't know if you're dying to know how I did, but I'm dying to tell you...I won both of the games I played (we play just for chips, no money involved). I think I played solidly, but my gut feeling did well for me tonight and the cards were definitely helping me out. I won the last game on the two nines to go with the one in my hand. At the flop, the guy I was playing was beating me Jacks over nines and kept his lead until the river. Wow...two for two tonight. That's the way I like it!

- Rob

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