Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bitterness Ate My Lunch Today

My Pastor preached a sermon MANY years ago entitled Bitterness Will Eat Your Lunch. I don't remember every point from the sermon, but I do remember him talking about how being bitter/mad/upset with somebody will eat your lunch because you are so upset about what they have done even though they are no longer there doing it. I've seen bitterness eat other people's lunch, and today it ate mine. One person I know is being a jerk about something that affects both me and other people, but it seems I am the only one willing to call them on it. There's only so much one can say without also becoming a jerk, so I have to keep my mouth shut now. I knew I should just let it go, but for some reason I stewed over it most of the afternoon...and let bitterness eat my lunch. And of course, this happened today right after I made one of my goals for the year to be more of a people person, to value relationship and try to love (genuinely) those who do things differently than I do! So whether it is God testing me, the devil tempting me or my flesh just acting out, I lost the battle today. But tonight, I am choosing to forgive and not loose the war. Why do we get upset over such stupid things?

But on a more positive note, I had an enjoyable racquetball game this morning. I got to play cut throat (three people) with two guys who are better than me. Of course I did not win, but it really helps me play better when I get to play guys better than me.

And then there is the weather. Typical of Texas, after having some of the coldest weather on record that one week in December, we got up to 83 degrees today. Now that Christmas is over, that is fine with me...especially after we got our MONSTER gas bill last week. "They" predicted that heating fuel prices would go up 60%, and that's what happened! So, any day I don't have to run my heater is a good day in my book.

So overall, today is a good day. I'm getting ready to eat dinner with my family, somebody just called and wants to take my wife shopping tonight (spend their money on her!), Amanda will read to me then we'll read some from The Magician's Nephew (first book in Chronicles of Narnia series) and I'll get to chill out to some smooth jazz and read a bit myself before bed. Silly bitterness...it got my lunch today, but that's all it's gonna get!

- Rob

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