Sunday, June 09, 2013

Celebrating 20 Years

This June 12, I will be married to the love of my life for 20 years. It's hard to believe 20 years can fly by so fast. I am thankful for the life the Lord has given me and for the life partner I get to journey with. We went away Thursday-Saturday to celebrate.

Started packing on Tuesday night to leave Thursday morning. Could not wait to get away just Brooke and me.

Our first night, we stayed at the Bunkhouse at River Road Ranch. We (literally) had the property to ourselves...except for all the wonderful animals that kept us company! 

This was the view from our front porch of the Bunkhouse.

This was our room. The Bunkhouse had two full bedrooms and bathrooms, full kitchen and living room.

Us in the living room area on Friday morning wishing we could stay longer.

This was another part of the property where we stayed Thursday night. All of the buildings had been moved onto the property and restored.

Here's the friendly horse that came up into the car port to share the shade with our car.

The llamas were not particularly friendly. The darker one (you can only see its head here) put its ears back every time we got close, so we left them alone.

Here's the long horn that greeted us at the entrance of the property.

And perhaps the most fun animals (for me) were the turkeys. You can go here and see a video of us "talking" to the turkeys.

We went into Fredericksburg on Thursday afternoon and I think our favorite store was Rustlin Rob's.  They had every sort of sauce, salsa, jams, jellies, preserves, marmalades, rubs, name it. And what made it so fun was the cracker bins (seen here) so you could try samples. And we're not talking 10 or 20 samples. There had to be over 100 samples to try. We had to wait another hour for dinner after stopping in there.

I am thankful Thursday night was so great because THIS was our accommodations for Friday night. Before you think I am a terrible husband, trust me, there was NOTHING on the web site that looked like this. I knew we were going to have a "luxury tent" with carpet, beds, AC, etc, but none of the pictures looked like this!. I'm not even going to post a link for can look it up if you really want to. Needless to say, this was a huge disappointment. If were were Spring Break camping, this would have been OK, but we were not. And even if we were, we would NEVER have paid that much for what we got.

But Friday was not a total loss. We had plenty of time, so we headed a little further south and visited the River Walk in San Antonio. Spent a couple hours there and had a great time.

Brooke and I on the River Walk. 

The weekend came and went WAY too quickly. River Road Ranch was better than we could have hoped and Serengeti was a big disappointment, but we still got to spend 2 1/2 days together and it was great. Brooke was already hinting that our 25th anniversary should be spent in Hawaii. I'm gonna start looking for that second job now!

Here's a link to all 70 pictures from the weekend. 

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