Sunday, September 09, 2012

Kindle Serials

As I was downloading a free book highlighted on Michael Gallagher's blog Free Kindle Books and Tips, I saw a book that piqued my interest for just $1.99. I almost didn't click for more info because I have over 300 free books that I have already downloaded to my Kindle, so it's not like I'm lacking reading material.

But I did click to find out more about it, and what I discovered convinced me to spend $1.99 to add to my 300+ book Kindle collection. The book, Option to Kill, was part of a new program for the Kindle called Kindle Serials. The idea is these books are written as "serial novels". You pay up front and receive the first part of the book, then two weeks later, the next part is delivered, two weeks later the next part, etc. So today, I read the approximate equivalent of 44 pages and was hooked on the book I purchased. Now I have to wait two weeks to receive the next part (part 2 of a planned 8 parts).

The serial novel caught my attention, I tried it out and I like it. It's similar to watching a show on TV and then having to wait until the show comes on the following week to see what comes next. And because the parts are short, I can read them all in one sitting. So now I am anxiously anticipating what comes next and it will be delivered automatically to my Kindle in two weeks (2 weeks from Sept. 6 actually). I guess there is a place where I could go to discuss the book with others, and possibly the author. I'm not really a book club kind of guy, but I'm enjoying the serial experience. I hope Amazon gets enough positive feedback to expand this program.

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