Friday, August 05, 2011

When The Grass is Too Green

Does anything seem out of place here? I was walking along the sidewalk in front of the church and saw this lush green patch of grass while the rest of the property is a nice color brown. I'm not a lawn care expert, but I had a feeling something was wrong with this picture. As I suspected, the ground was soft and there was actually standing water in the middle of the patch. I hoped it might be waste water, but as I walked out to the water meter by the street, it was a straight shot from the meter to this spot. I checked the meter and sure enough, the meter was moving despite all the water being shut off in the church. Looks like I'm gonna be doing some digging in this 106 degree weather.

Pastor Philip was kind enough to help me start the digging.

I told Pastor Philip he had to take a picture of me shoveling, too. If I did not do this, I knew Ron and Ken would harass me, "So you just sat there and took pictures while Philip did all the work?"

This is what we found once we got down a couple feet.

And THIS is what happened when we turned the water back on after uncovering this T connector. Look at us...we found the leak!

A little more digging uncovered the fact that the T connector here didn't do anything. The T was actually capped off. What??

Once we found the problem, we called in a professional. Paul is literally a licensed plumber and he knew exactly what we needed to do.

Paul and Pastor Philip cutting a piece of pipe to put in where the T was cut out.

Paul and I attaching a compression fitting at each end of the replace pipe piece.

And the job is complete. No more "too green" grass and no more leak!

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