Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why I Will Be At The Missions Conference This Coming Week

The question has been asked, "If your church closed its doors and disappeared today, who would notice?" I believe the 14 missionaries along the back wall of our church represent hundreds, if not thousands, of people who would notice if Vine Fellowship closed its doors today. The vision of Vine Fellowship is to connect people to God, other Christians and the world. One way we focus on reaching the world is through our support of world missions. Through these missionaries we preach the love of Jesus, help feed hungry children, send students to school, teach people how to grow their own food, raise up and train indigenous pastors, plant churches, and train more missionaries to go out and do the same. We believe in and support world missions.

Our vision statement...connecting to God, other Christians and the world, is not just text to put over a pretty graphic on the front of the bulletin. Our vision statement defines who we are as a church and guides where we invest our time and finances. I hope that our vision becomes a part of the DNA of our church body and our church members.

Our annual missions conference is just a few weeks away. I hope that world missions is a part of who are as a member of The Vine Fellowship and that you are as excited as I am. As we spend these four days together (March 27-30) focusing on connecting to the world, we can all be involved and play a vital role. Not only do we Faith Promise financial support for our missionaries during our conference, but we also hear from our missionaries and allow God to speak to us about the role He wants us to play in these ministries. But another big role we fill is loving and supporting our missionaries. Our attendance at the gatherings shows our missionaries the heart of Vine Fellowship and says to them, "Keep doing what you are doing. You are important to us and we will partner with you in this work." Our missions conference is always an exciting time, and I hope to see you there!

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