Saturday, June 26, 2010

S.P.E.C.K. of Truth

I follow the blog of Mark Batterson, lead Pastor of National Community Church. I just discovered their "From the Garden to the City" Bible reading plan for 2010 and Pastor Heather Zempel's short video on how to read the Bible. She suggested reading for a "SPECK of Truth". Here's what the acronym stands for:
  • Is there a SIN for me to avoid?
  • Is there a PROMISE from God for me to claim?
  • Is there an EXAMPLE for me to follow?
  • Is there a COMMANDMENT for me to obey?
  • How can this passage increase my KNOWLEDGE about God or about Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit?
I am always looking for tools to help me apply God's Word to my everyday life, and I thought this was worth sharing. You can see the whole video clip here or this seems to be the same material Pastor Heather was sharing.

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