Monday, March 23, 2009

12 of 12 - March 2009

7:27am - Oops, I forgot March's 12 of 12 of the 12th, so I had to cheat and do it on the 13th this month.

7:28am - Brooke, Boo, Sully and I all join in waking Amanda up for school.

7:39am - Today's lunch napkin poem for Amanda.

7:54am - Spent most of the day trying to get Carbonite set up and running smoothly on my laptop.

3:33pm - Working on "Upside Down Leadership" for iGrow, Track 3.

3:36pm - Brooke brought home Sonic drinks. Happy Hour at Sonic is one of our favorite times of the day.

5:20pm - Working on a little English homework. Look at Amanda's GIANT pencil!

6:49pm - School patches are always coming off in the wash, so here I am apply clothing glue and ironing them on again.

6:57pm - Amanda coming in (with Boo) to show off her latest fashion design.

7:52pm - Every time I paint, Boo comes into my office to offer moral support. More than once, she has even "worn paint" in support of my efforts (she has rubbed against a freshly-painted wall).

7:54pm - Applying paint to the last wall!

8:24pm - Brooke, Boo and Sully all came to my office to keep my company while I painted. They thought it was cold. I offered Brooke a roller to get the blood flowing, but she politely passed.

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