Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12 of 12 - November 2008

If you haven't heard of the "12 of 12" idea, here it is. And here are my November photos.

6:32 AM - Up for morning devotions and journaling.

7:15 AM - Waking up Amanda for school.

8:37 AM - Time for a new transfusing unit and imaging unit on the copier.

8:54 AM - This is how I see Tammy if I lean over the corner of my desk.

9:14 AM - Don't know what I'm working on that is so serious!

9:21 AM - Payroll is an IMPORTANT part of the Wednesday routine. Tammy is calling it in.

10:41 AM - I was outside putting Amdro on fire ant mounds when the dumpster truck came for our usual Wednesday pick up.

11:51 AM - In typical George fashion, arriving a few minutes early for lunch.

2:39 PM - Picking up Amanda from school.

2:59 PM - Of course I wore my orange shirt like his yesterday. That would make me the trend-setter, right?

6:17 PM - I drove the van to pick up a few students for youth group tonight. Go No Compromise Youth!

8:21 PM - Almost forgot to take a picture at Life Group tonight. Nobody show Brooke what time this was taken (we were supposed to be at the church picking up our kids at least 6 minutes BEFORE this picture was taken).

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