Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Save the Planet...Fast on Christmas

OK, I've tried to take a break from the "global warming" posts, but the longer we go without confronting them, the kookier these people get. You can read here about the Carbon Cost of Christmas Dinner.

So if I understand correctly, I should not drive a car, I should not own cattle, I should not heat my house (bless all of those 'earth conscious' people in Oklahoma right now!), I should not have more than one child, I should not use more than one square of toilet paper, I should not pass gas and now it seems I should not eat Christmas dinner (which could also help curb the gas and toilet paper problems, I guess).

How much could we curb our global carbon emission of all of these "global warming" kooks voluntarily left our planet? Of course they would have to use a solar-powered space craft to do this so as not to pollute our planet on the way out. Maybe Weird Al can work on this, shouldn't be too hard for the guy who created the Internet.

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