Thursday, August 09, 2007

More Reasons Not To Join the Global Warming Religion

1. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration maintained its estimate that three to five of the hurricanes will be major storms of Category 3 strength or stronger. The original report forecast up to 17 tropical storms, with up to 10 becoming hurricanes. - Since the consensus of scientists have told us that global warming is at an all time "high" (i.e. "hot") due to man-made carbon emissions, and since we "know" global warming is what cause Katrina (well, that and President Bush), what in the world is happening? Why are there fewer hurricanes with global warming reaching emergency levels?

2. Despite the slight reductions, NOAA said atmospheric and oceanic conditions mean that the season likely will be more active than normal. On average, there are 10 named Atlantic storms and six hurricanes, three of them major. - Please define a "normal" hurricane season. Have their not been years with more hurricanes, followed by years with fewer hurricanes (say with me..."cycles") since we have been tracking them? This is just a way the global warming faithful are trying to cover up their crying WOLF."

3. But the unexpected development of El Nino -- the periodic warming of Pacific Ocean waters that affects wind patterns and tends to result in fewer Atlantic storms -- helped dampen conditions. - These "experts" can't reliably predict hurricane conditions from one season to the next, yet they can tell us of the planet destroying, cataclysmic events that we will experience 50 or 100 years from now due to "global warming"?

I wish these people would just go ahead and form an official "religion", apply for their 501-c-3 and whatnot rather than keep pretending that their faith (i.e. that which is believed yet not seen) is science.

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