Thursday, July 05, 2007

When Will the Lunacy Stop?

Last time I posted about "environmental waco's", I had a comment telling me I was mean spirited, should not call myself a Christian and was not going to get my point across because I was 'name calling'.

I just want to know when the lunacy will end. I recently wrote about the article showing that it caused more harm to the environment to produce the Toyota Pruis than a Hummer. The waco factor here? We are 'encouraged' to buy this "green car" to save the environment despite the fact that it costs more than a "regular" car and despite the fact that by the time you saved enough money through the car's better gas mileage to begin paying off the extra you paid for the car in the first place, the car will not still be running! And then, as it turns out, the car's production does more harm to the environment than that of the Hummer.

And then I had heard the story about the lady who was going to have to spend $2,000 to clean up an "environmentally friendly" compact fluorescent light bulb. I thought it might be an Internet hoax, so I let it go. But then, as I was checking a friend's Twitter status tonight, I saw Twitter was giving special attention to the Live Earth Twitter page. I went there and saw all of their "great ideas" for saving the environment. I didn't see Sheryl Crow's "two squares of toilet paper per visit" suggestion there, but I did see the thing about compact fluorescent light bulbs, so I had to look it up. Here is a link with the real-life information about the lady who broke a CFL (compact fluorescent light bulb) and had to pay $2,000 to clean it up. This is environmentally friendly? Once again, it costs more, is a poor idea and we are supposed to support it to "save the environment by reducing global warming". WACOS!

The latest suggestion on the Twitter Live Earth music rather than pay for CD's that have been shipped burning fossil fuels to the various stores. Does that mean I have to stop buying my music online to make a statement "I am not an environmentalist waco!!"?

I think the best way I heard this described was by Rush Limbaugh when he called "global warming" a "religion". That's what it is to these crazy people. It doesn't have to make sense because they have "faith" that they are right. And we're supposed to along with them simply because "it's the right thing to do" even if it really isn't right and it really doesn't make sense.

When will the lunacy stop!!!?

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