Thursday, July 05, 2007

Reducing My Carbon Footprint?

Al Gore has totally changed my mind on global warming. I never realized what a threat it was until he came along. Before Al, I never realized that "consensus" in the scientific community was more important than science itself. And with all the hype about reinstating the Fairness Doctrine to combat conservative talk radio, it was good of Al to remind us of the dangers of "balance as bias" in the media.

Thanks to Al and my heightened awareness of the dangers of global warming, I realize I have to do something. But can I afford it? I can't afford a Toyota Pruis, I can't afford the $2,000 it would cost to clean up the mess if I broke a compact florescent light bulb trying to replace what I already have, and I can't afford carbon offsets.

But I have to do something.

I'm not sure I can reduce my carbon footprint, but after much concern, effort and thought, I have come up with a way I can personally help counter global warming. I ask all of my friends to return to this blog on 07/07/07. To coincide with Al Gore's climate crisis awareness event, Live Earth, I will be unveiling my personal plan to reduce global warming. It's a plan you can share with your friends, and if we all do it, maybe we can save our planet! I sure hope someone can get my new-found friend, Al Gore, to check back here on Live Earth Day. Join with me, friends. Let's cool the earth and save the planet. Are you with me? If so, I hope to see you back here 07/07/07 for an idea we can all use.

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