Saturday, July 21, 2007

Are They Thinking?

I was going to ask "What are they thinking?", but when you look at this, I think you just have to ask if anybody is thinking. Here's what I mean.

You are sitting on an airplane when six Middle Eastern men (whom you heard doing their Islamic prayers and making anti-US statements before boarding the plane) move two to the front of the plane, two to the middle and two to the rear of the plane in a fashion very similar to the 9-11 hijackers. And you observe other suspicious behavior so you report this behavior to the stewardess. You don't say "these men are terrorists", you simply report what you observe. The behavior of these men eventually gets them kicked off of the airplane. Instead of apologizing for frightening people on the plane, they file a lawsuit against the airline and then demand to be told who YOU are so that they can sue you as well.

To keep this from happening, an amendment was put forth in Congress to provide limited immunity for reports of suspicious behavior and response. As near as I can tell after 30 minutes of research, the House voted in such a way as to NOT protect American citizens reporting suspicious behavior and the Senate voted in such a way as to protect American citizens reporting suspicious behavior. How in the world can any congressional representative vote not to protect our country in this way? The link above will show you how your Senators voted on this amendment. A "yea" vote was a vote in favor of offering protection.

It is frustrating to me that there are people who claim to represent the people of this country and pretend to be trying to keep us safe who would vote against these protections. It is also frustrating that this amendment would be tacked onto a bill that has to do with the College Cost Reduction Act of 2007. What in the world does this issue have to do with the cost of college? The answer is none. The problem is congressional representatives having the power to insert amendments into bills that have noting to do with the bill in order to try and sneak something through. Yet another picture of the inefficiencies of overgrown government.

I LOVE our country and believe it is the best on the planet, but I believe we need to reform our process of offering bills so that "pork" and amendments such as these cannot be added in such an "off topic" manner. I have no idea where to begin, but this has inspired me to write to my representatives this week to see what can be done.

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