Sunday, June 17, 2007

Go Green...Buy a Hummer

With all the alarming "facts" about "Global Warming", our earth-loving friends are leading the way by by "green cars" to be more friendly to the environment. Here's a quick question for you: Which is more environmentally friendly, a Hummer or every body's favorite, the Toyota Prius? Would it surprise you the environmental wackos have botched it again? You pay more for this environmentally friendly green car to save on gas. Guess what, building a Prius does more damage to the environment than building a Hummer, and you have to own the Prius more that 5 years before it starts saving you money on gas (relative to the extra price you pay) and the car is only designed to last for five years.

Just a few interesting facts. You can read more here and be sure to pass along a copy to your environmental wacko friends!


Peter B said...

Why is it necessary for you to refer to someone you disagree with as a "waco"? and twice in the same post. I don't think thats very Christian and it won't get anyone to listen to your arguments.

Hurts said...

This post is an example of why I call them wackos. People trying to force the rest of us to pay more money to "save the planet" when "global warming" is nothing more than a supposed "consensus". Buy a green car, buy carbon offsets, buy more expensive light bulbs (which also do more harm to the environment than regular bulbs, by the way). Environmentalism has become a religion, and it's followers do wacky things! (Don't forget Sheryl Crow's one square of toilet paper)