Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Sky is Falling!

Oops, sorry. I mean "The earth is melting!"

I clicked on Newsgator this morning, my RSS reader. I have added Fox News to my list of sites, so I saw the headline this morning: Scientists: Earth Warmest It's Been in 12,000 Years. This is the short description that followed: "Overall global temps highest of current interglacial period, NASA-led team concludes; temperature just short of highest level in past million years." You can read the whole article here.
But here's my question. Obviously these "intelligent" people are evolutionists. According to their THEORY (which they want to teach in public school as fact ignoring the theories of creationism or intelligent design), how long ago was man here? I don't know what they would say, but I do know 12,000 years ago they don't think we were producing a lot of greenhouse gas pollution. According to this article, the earth is at least 3 million years old. So what they have to admit but are not saying is, sometime between 12,000 and 3 million years ago (according to them), the earth was warmer than it is now!

Now I'm not as "intelligent" as these super-scientists, but perhaps global warming is more cyclical in nature and man-made pollution is not all to blame? You know, there are scientists that tell us that is true of hurricanes...that hurricane seasons are cyclical which would explain why there were more last year. It's not about global warming, it's about the cycles of the earth.

I believe God has called us to be good stewards of the earth, so there is certainly nothing wrong with fighting/controlling pollution...but I sure get tired of these alarmists who want to make the US a third world country so that we don't melt the earth.

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