Saturday, March 26, 2005

I Knew It Would Make My Blood Boil

I'm reading a book entitled "The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today", and I knew it would make me upset. And guess what, it did! Up to this point in my blog I just shared "everyday-family-and-life-stuff" and probably been fairly inoffensive...but I can't do it any longer. I am so SICK of people yelling at me to be "tolerant" when they are the very definition of intolerance! With the homosexual agenda, it's NOT just a matter of them wanting me to be "accepting" of their lifestyle..they want to parade their lifestyle (which the Bible clearly calls sinful) and be totally INTOLERANT of my (Biblical) view of their lifestyle.

Ok, I'm going to limit myself to commenting on just one issue...the one that made my blood boil. It has to do with the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church. Let me state up front...any abuse or immorality by a priest is not acceptable biblically, but let's call it wrong because the Bible says it's wrong. What makes my blood boil is the way the media has portrayed all of this and used it to call into question the celibate lifestyle of priests. The argument goes "if promiscuity were allowed and priests did not have to be celibate, they would not be abusing boys...celibacy (and sexual purity) is not natural." All of this is a smoke screen to keep from dealing with the real problem...homosexuality in the priesthood. If it were just a problem with celibacy, why are 90-95% of the victims (some estimates are as high as 98%) boys? Why isn't there a higher percentage of girls? (Joyce Howard Price, "Predator Priests", Washington Times, April 16, 2002.)

One quote from the book on this issue. "To get a glimpse of why this is a homosexual issue, one need not look any further than the Reverend Paul R. Shanley, one of the most notorious priests caught in the scandal. He has been indicted in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for various crimes. During his time in the priesthood, Shanley allegedly engaged in the following:
  • While on "sick leave" in California, his payroll checks were sent to the Cabana Club Resort, a racy homosexual club in the Palm Springs, California, area. Shanley became an owner of the hotel along with another homosexual priest who was no sick leave as well.
  • He attended the 1979 meeting that created the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)"
That's right...the media can bash the Catholic church (no, I'm not catholic), but let's not mention the OBVIOUS homosexual connection here! And if the homosexual agenda is allowed to continue, one day not so far down the road I will be fined or in some other way penalized for writing "hate speech" just for brining this up and mentioning what the Bible clearly states about homosexuality. (Of course, we prosecute "hate speech" under the guise of "tolerance"...although penalizing my free speech to proclaim what the Bible says is somehow not intolerant?)

I know some in the Church (Catholic & Protestant) do not want to speak out against homosexuality..."love everybody". Well, God does love those trapped (even if they don't consider it that) in homosexuality and calls us to do the same, but if the Church
(Catholic & Protestant) doesn't speak out now, we are going to lose the right to do so. My blog is not about being political, but my life is about being a Christian and standing up for God's Word. I just couldn't keep quiet on this one.


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